Electronic projects

1)  Home Appliance Control Using TV Remote (New)
2)  CCFL Tester for LCD Screens (New)

S No.Circuit NameHits
1Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller255007
2Electronic Security System203628
3Remote Control For Home Appliances153775
4IR Remote Switch141976
5FM Booster132694
6Ultra-Bright LED Lamp121406
7Mobile Cellphone Charger119990
8Wireless Switch111322
9Mobile Phone Battery Charger104785
10Invisible Broken Wire Detector103938
11Solar Lighting System102295
12Quality FM Transmitter101455
13Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator98872
14Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter And Receiver98030
15Automated Traffic Signal Controller95833
16Ding-Dong Bell91359
17Infrared Cordless Headphone90693
18Hit Switch90544
19Laptop Protector88354
20Telephone Number Display87838
21Mobile Bug85767
22Condenser Mic Audio Amplifier82375
23Knock Alarm82286
24Charge Monitor For 12V Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery81978
2515-Step Digital Power Supply81584
26Electronic Watchdog81280
27Automatic Night Lamp With Morning Alarm80170
28Mini UPS System78669
29DTMF Proximity Detector78558
30Anti-Theft Alarm For Bikes77926
319-Line Telephone Sharer77792
32Touch Dimmer77752
33Lead-Acid Battery Charger With Voltage Analyser77120
34Electronic Jam75810
35PC-Based DC Motor Speed Controller75403
36Automatic Heat Detector74663
37IR Music Transmitter and Receiver74520
38Auto Turn-Off Battery Charger74217
39Remote-Controlled Power-Off Switch72968
40Electronic Motor Starter70974
41Fully Automatic Emergency Light70544
42DTMF Receiver IC MT8870 Tester69641
43IR Burglar Deterrent68834
44Secret Bell68037
45Programmable Timer for Appliances66957
46Infrared Remote Control Timer66016
47Three-Colour Display Using Bicolour LEDs65843
48IC Controlled Emergency Light With Charger65609
49Simple Digital Security System65604
50Friendly Charger for Mobile Phones65453
51Child's Lamp65104
52Solar Bug64605
53Digital Stop Watch64240
54Audio Amplifier for Personal Stereo63005
55Pulse Generator62839
56Shadow Alarm62829
57Water-Level Controller62644
58Washing Machine Motor Controller62472
59Flying Saucer61842
60Intruder Radio Alert System61580
61Flashing Beacon61459
62Electronic Candles61244
63Drinking Water alarm61038
64Antisleep Alarm for Students61005
65Variable Power Supply Using a Fixed-Voltage Regulator IC60810
66Luggage Security System59797
67Speed Control of DC Motor Using Pulse-Width Modulation59318
68Solar Panel based Charger and Small LED Lamp59216
69Anti-Theft Security For Car Audios59174
70Stress Meter59164
71DC Motor Control Using A Single Switch58892
72Watchman Watcher58500
73LED Lighting for Christmas58408
74Fire Alarm Using Thermistor58138
75Cell-Phone-Controlled Audio Video Mute Switch57720
76Remote-Operated Musical Bell57606
77Mobile Shield57126
78Medium-Power FM Transmitter57115
79Low-Cost Hearing Aid56563
80Simple Low-Cost Digital Code Lock56425
81Simple Telephone Ring Tone Generator56373
82Brake Failure Indicator55974
83Musical Light Chaser55658
84Teleconferencing System55325
85Versatile Water-Level Controller55286
86Micromotor Controller55139
87Colour Sensor55095
88Battery-level Indicator55014
89Laser-guided Door Opener54783
90Time Switch54267
91Clock Timer54065
92Automatic School Bell53912
93Current Sensor53504
94Infrared Bug51505
95Front Door Guard51415
96Automatic Low-Power Emergency Light51167
97Computerised Universal Timer51161
98Number Guessing Game50903
99Electronic Bicycle Lock50609
100Midnight Security Light50515
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