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•The first thing is if you plug in any usb drive it cant be safely removed from usb port.
• Your PC will become very slow
•Desktop will create problem
• You can see unknown shortcut .exe file which never deleted
•Desktop screen may change time to time
• Internet explorer never worked properly
• You will get a lot of mail and image from unknown address
• your hard disk will show you no space even it has space
• Your file can be missing
• Program or more than one program may take an unusual amount of time to start
• A program may refuse to start at all
• A program may not behave in a normal manner
• If not connected the internet may not connect when you attempt a connection
• Anti virus or anti malware programs may refuse to start or operate
• Your email program refuses to operate or may send messages of its own accord.
• Computer may continually close down and restart without your in ... Read more »
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Hi guys, How is going on now a day? I hope all are fine. May be sometime we cant be fine if our PC never behave with us correctly. why such kind of thing can be happened? Yes you are absolutely right if our PC got virus then it never show us its well nature. How to know that my PC now affected with virus? You may answer me that by running antivirus program we can know this but do you know that there are some virus have which even an antivirus also cant detect. In that case what should we do? Why we cant kill all kinds of virus by running antivirus software?

Okay let me tell you that the antivirus program which is free are not strong enough to kill all kinds of virus. If we need to protect our computer from all kinds of malware and malicious program we should buy the antivirus product. which is the best antivirus at present?

Currently all kinds of antivirus are good. but from me i recommend you to use kaspersky. 2nd choice is Norton third micro trend. But for y ... Read more »
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Hi guys As you know that online has become now pretty easy way to try for earning money but actually its not so easy to do at all. Today without having proper knowledge without having any good profitable niche and idea we have seen so many online user are likely to try get money from online and at last they had fallen in upset by getting zero cash .

So for that reason i have something to say to the people who are lack of in online business specially those who are likely to set up business in online by website or blogging. Its not very difficult to buy a domain or host a si ... Read more »

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