List of projects :----------

1. SMS based Device / Home Equipment Control System
2. Remote Motor Speed Control using Cell Phones
3. GPS Based traffic Monitoring system
4. GPS Based fleet Management System
5. Implementation of Mobile/ Cell phone Jamming systems Design
6. Intelligent Security System for industrial Surveillance with GSM & Auto Dialer
7. GSM Based Remote monitoring system for Electronic Energy meters
8. Wireless distributed energy billing system using GSM
9. HNet € a Home Network System with Mobile Communication
10. Distance Measuring using Ultrasonic Technology
11. An ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system for fire fighting robot
12. Secured Wireless Communication with OFDM
13. RF Based Wireless Encryption And Decryption Message Transfer System for Military Applications
14. Encoding and decoding technique for secured data communication
15. On Line Dynamic Code Acquisition For Spread Spectrum Systems
16. Single Photon Quantum Cryptography
17. Pseudo Random Code modulation based Secured Data Communication
18. Frequency jammer as a life guard
19. Frequency jammer as a life guard with WAP
20. Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
21. Contact less Measurement Of Emission Of Automobiles
22. Remote Monitoring and control using Mobile phones
23. Network enabled Electronic Digital televoting machine
24. OFDM Based Wireless Encryption/Decryption of Transfer of Messages
25. Wireless Accident indication Via Vibration sensors Using RF Technology
26. Anti Collision System in Railway Using GSM and GSP- Intelligent Train System with GPS
27. GPS & GSM based remote Accident indication System with location indication
28. GPS based Active Fleet Management- Automated Vehicle Tracking system with Dual channel communication system
29. GSP based intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision Mitigation
30. Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology
31. Advanced GSM based Theft Vehicle notification System using Remote Pc
32. Advanced remote accident report system for highways using GSM network & PC
33. GSM based advanced home / industrial automation controller system
34. Cell Phone Jammer - Implementation of Highly Effective Mobile / Cell Phone Jammer
35. Prepaid electricity system automation with contact less proximity card & card reader
36. A Control Design for Vehicle Speed using Wireless Communication Technology
37. Automatic Vehicle Register System for Highways on Toll plazas 
38. Tracking Moving Person's Location (Position) Finder In Multi-Story™s Building / Complex / Hospital / Industry using System Networking
39. Home/Industrial Automation using GSM With Voice Feedback.
40. Smart palm device for industrial parameter Monitoring System using RF
41. Control of substation equipments thro mobile phone
42. Mobile Password Activation System for industrial applications
43. Tracking Moving Person's Location (Position) Finder In Multi-Story™s Building / Complex / Hospital / Industry using System Networking
44. Embedded system based highway monitoring system and control
45. Intelligent Vehicle accessing system using RFID cards
46. campus management system using RFID Cards
47. Distant Vehicle identifying and Automatic Entry System using Acative RFID
48. RFID based ATM Center Automation
49. RFID based Automation Airline baggage Systems
50. A multipurpose identification card using RFID cards
51. Electro magnetic proxinity Card Reader with Weigand output based Access Control System with Double Level Security
52. Electro magnetic proxinity Card Reader with Weigand output based Time and Attendance System
53. EMPCR with Weigand output Based Electricity Billing Automation 
54. EMPCR with Weigand output Based Electricity Billin Automation with WAP
55. Bio Metric (Finger print) based Authentication & Access Control System
56. Finger Print plus EMPCR card based ATM Authentication system and cash delivery system
57. Finger Print Authenticated, Access Control & Automated Door Opening System
58. Finger print identification based Digital Voting System
59. Finger print identification Equipment Control System on Industries
60. Fingerprint based Complete car security system
61. Fingerprint based Physical Access Control car Immobilizer
62. Mobile Password Activation System for industrial Applications
63. Biometric Finger print Identification with PIC Based Access Control System
64. Biometric Finger print Identification with PIC Based Time Recorder with Weigand Output
65. Biometric Finger print Identification with PIC Based Bank and Locker Security system
66. Fire protection system with Fire Extinguishing Ball
67. Multi Zone Fire Alarming Control panel with Zone Location
68. Biometric Finger Print identification with PIC Based Vehicle Access System
69. Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Guard Alert Monitoring system with PC interface
70. RFID Based Guard patrolling system with PC Interface
71. IRIS Recognition system in Authenticating Highly Secured Data
72. IRIS Scanner Using Access control Monitoring system
73. Voice activated door control systems
74. Voice command system for home appliance control
75. Non-Contact Smart card Reader Based Campus management system
76. Secured Postal Data Communication using RFID and E-POST
77. Smart Card based Attendance monitoring with Multiple - Door output
78. Secure Transmission of Sensitive data using Multiple Channels
79. Embedded System Based Interlocking System For Chemical And Pharmacheutical Industries
80. Home appliances control using voice Dictation
81. Industrial Security system with Sensor data acquisition and Wireless transmission
82. Advanced Wireless system with Security System for Fire Safety with Alarm
83. Contact Less Electro magnetic Proximity based campus management System
84. Remote activation of Electrical Applicances with mobile phones
85. Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors and Web Cam
86. Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors
87. Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors with Voice Indication
88. Attendance Marker system with IRC Reader 
89. Attendance Marker system with IRC Reader with FACE indicator
90. Embedded PIC Micro controller based Safety Road Control With WEB CAM
91. Embedded PIC Micro controller based Controlling of devices through Telephone Lines
92. Home Networking and Security System With Wap
93. RFID Based Car Patrolling system with Handheld Device
94. Blue Tooth Enabled Home/Industrial Automation 
95. Advanced Sensors Controlled Bank Security System
96. A Central Monitoring device for Detecting Intrusion, Electronic Security & Control System
97. Vehicle Accessing using Authntication
98. RF based Controlling of Home Appliances
99. Guard Supervisor for Industries
100. Guard Alert System for Home Security System
101. Guard Alert System for Industries With Patrolling system
102. Fire Alarming Control panel with Auto dialer to Fire Station
103. Ivrs based electronic tele-voting system
104. IVRS Based smart home automation with voice feedback.
105. Voice controlled household device Activation and Control System
106. Voice controlled complete protection system for Home/Industries
107. IVRS Based Home Automation With Immediate Voice Feedback
108. Wireless Home Automation System Using Telephone Lines with WAP
109. Speech Recognition based complete Car Security System
110. Voice Activated Multipurpose robots
111. Length counter using Embedded system
112. Pc based data scanner/ logger for 8 € channel
113. Pc based data scanner/ logger with field programmable channel
114. Embedded controller for traffic controls
115. High Pressure hose Test Rig for Brake line Manufacturing Industries 
116. Embedded PIC Micro controller based Petrol Bunk Automation 
117. Speed Control of an Electrical DC Vehicle
118. Fault Tolerant Neuro Controlled Level Processing panel
119. Embedded controller for non linear partially interacting process (NLPIP) 
120. Power Distribution Management System using WAP
121. Virtual instrumentation for temperature controlled loop
122. Pc based attendance [censored] visitor management system
123. Micro controller based Boiler Management System
124. Priority Indicators in Alarm Annunciators
125. Multi Channel Voltage Scanner with SCADA
126. Micro controller based Position Control for Stepper Motor
127. PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Furnaces
128. PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Cement Plant.
129. Temperature And Humidity Measurement System for Agricultural Applications
130. Wireless Parameter monitoring on Irrigation systems
131. Micro controller Based Multichannel PID Controller for temperature
132. Micro controller based Dedicated PID Controller for Temperature
133. PC Based Pollution Tester For Vehicles with WEB CAM Interface
134. PC Based Pollution Tester For Vehicles with CO Analyzer
135. Fuzzy logic based DC-DC Converter using 8 bit Microcontroller
136. Application of Fuzzy Logic in intelligent Traffic Control System
137. Automatic Control of Bottle Filling System using PLC with Conveyor Model
138. Control of Boiler Turbine Unit Based on Fuzzy Logic System
139. Development of man machine interface using SCADA Package
140. Fuzzy logic based Speed Control of AC Motor Using Microcontroller
141. Implementation of Vehicle Collision Avoidance System Using Fuzzy Logic
142. Ultrasonic based Distance Monitoring and Fuzzy based Collision Avoidance
143. PLC based Automatic Boiler Management
144. Intelligent guided vehicle for collision prevention 
145. Fuzzy Logic based Collision Prevention for vehicles.
146. Intelligent Application of Fuzzy Logic in Automatic Train Speed Control System.
147. Fuzzy logic based Traffic Control System - A Replacement strategy
148. Automatic Temperature Control using Fuzzy Logic
149. Automatic Valve Control using Motors with Fuzzy Logic in Process stations
150. Brightness Control System by Lamp Dim / Bright Illumination inside city areas 
151. Automated weigh load cell / Commercial weighing system
152. Automatic anesthesia controller using infusion pump with heart beat rate
153. Automatic Toll Gate Opening / closing with vehicle details logging
154. Batch weighing & automation system using converyors
155. Fault Identifiaction (Annunciator) using Embedded System
156. Categorized Alarm Annunciator using Embedded System with controls
157. Categorized Alarm Annunciator with Voice using Embedded System with controls
158. Multi-Parameter Measurement System and Control with Graphs
159. Best operating point tracking/Positioning of the solar cell power supply system
160. Smart Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation
161. Solar power for automatic water heating
162. Solar energy for Electrical Applications
163. DAS and Remote Control through Internet
164. SALVO RTOS Based Data Acquisition System and control with PC Interface
165. SUN SAIL - Tracking Elliptical Path Of The Sun
166. Solar Air Heating System 
167. Solar Water Heating System
168. Automated car parking system 
169. PC based electronic weighing scale with set point
170. Bluetooth Enabled Advanced Data monitoring and control Using Hitech c.
171. PLC ˜s for bottle filling station with conveyors
172. Embedded System Based Automatic Furnace Control For Improvement Of Hardness On Materials
173. Design Of Digital Cryogenic Temperature Controller
174. Micro controller Based Standalone Temperature Measurement System.
175. Micro controller Based Ultrasonic Pulse Detector.
176. Pc Based Flow Control And Level Measurement In Petrol Bunks.
177. Pc As A Pid Controller.
178. Smart solar tracking for optimal power generation
179. PC Based wireless weather monitoring system

Fingerprint based ignition and door lock 

Converting voice message to a text signal 

Pc controlled vehicle 

Voice recorder using ADC and microcontroller 

Solar Speedway 

Embedded sensor networks 

Design for an automated door locks(smart key less entry) 

Automated Parking System 

Auto Calling Mobile 

Biometric attendance 

Global Positioning of Robot Manipulators 

on chip LDO with adaptive control 

railway station display 

lecture threatre/hall monitor system